Local Business Websites

We specialize in local business online presence and our designs are Mobile Optimized, E-Commerce Ready, Responsive and SEO Ready. All our designs are:

Is your website not bringing ?

Local business websites with all the features a small business needs

Mobile Optimized

All our plans include mobile optimized and responsive designs.

Fully Maintained

Peace of mind ! Plans include site backups, updates and security maintenance.

Traffic Reports

All our plans include monthly traffic and conversion reports

Local Business Websites Features

  • Services and product description
  • Schedule an Appointment Button and integration
  • Get a Quote Buttons
  • Facebook Reviews on page
  • Google Reviews
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Location Map
  • Contact Form with one click capability from mobile devices
  • Call Us - one click capability from mobile devices
  • Floating Menus

Is Your Website Bringing Customers to Your Business?

The purpose of having online presence as a small business is to increase the client base and grow your business. Most of our clients come to us with beautiful designed websites that do nothing for their business . As a business owner, make sure you chose your web services provider wisely. Do not just purchase "a website", or worse - do it yourself.

Website not bringing ?

We audit your website for free and provide you with the reasons it’s not bringing in business.

 A nice looking website does not translate into more business.  A local business website needs certain features to be successful for the targeted audience. Also local business websites have to be optimize using Local SEO techniques which are tailored to a specific geographic area. Read more about our Local SEO Services here.

 A local business website is a very powerful marketing tool that can grow your business customer base at very low cost compared with other marketing options. Choose the best web design features to drive customers to your business.

How Much Does a Local Business Website Cost?

The cost of a local business website depends on what features and what additional services (SEO, Digital Marketing) you choose. We always recommend a free consultation to identifiy  your needs. Each business is unique and has different needs when it comes to online presence. For example a service company needs a “Schedule Service” or “Get a Quote” feature whereas a home builder would need a “Book a Consultation” or “Our Portfolio” feature. The cost of your website will be driven by the type of business. Our consultations are always free and they are meant to help you identifiy the online presence needs for your business.

“Your website should be your calling card, or your business front door.” -James Schramko